In an hour and a half this unique and cerebral tour explores the main features of Sonoma's History---- 8,000 years of Native Americans, the Mission Era, the Gold Rush, and the Horror of Prohibition

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We may visit a fabulous tasting room on the Sonoma Plaza for delicious wine; tasting fee NOT included. Join us for a leisurely stroll around the Plaza; we will explore little known alleys and hear ghost stories.

We will visit: Casa Grande, City Hall, and Sonoma's Historic Town Plaza: an 8 acre natural jewel laid out by General Vallejo in 1835. You will hear the TRUE story of the Bear Flag Revolt of June 14, 1846; the event that makes Sonoma famous in American history.

The Sonoma Cheese Factory.....taste delicious cheeses made by a local family since 1910.

The Blue Wing Inn....Ulysses S. Grant, William T. Sherman, John Charles Fremont, Kit Carson and others stayed in this gold-rush hotel. Grant and Sherman, Exposed Skin Care in particular became life-long friends of the General. Hear tales of grizzly bear hunting in the Mayacamas Mountains with these famous Americans!

The complicated and fascinating story of Mission San Francisco Solano will be discussed in detail. The Mission Indian Memorial will also be visited; commemorating the burial site of over 900 Native Americans. After secularization in 1834, many of Sonoma's Native Americans went to live at the General's Petaluma Rancho, and the General was always proud that under his control the Indians were treated better than at the Mission.


Group/private tours only.

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